Flexible Start-up Support

is an hybrid start-up incubator and accelerator programme program for start-ups in the validation and growth phases, consisting of four modules such as:

Lean Start-ups

Sustainable Business Model & Development

Marketing and Sales Strategic Planning

Financial Planning and Fund-raising


The Flexible Start-up Support Program is designed to support the ecosystem for such services for start-ups, by using an entrepreneur-centered approach and ensuring that the partner ISOs for this program rely on a sustainable model.

The program offers flexibility for start-ups to participate in any or all the modules currently provided and based on the demand and the challenges of the start-ups, it may change, adapt and/or roll out to include other modules and services.

Oficina is the leading integrator of youth, startups and innovative businesses, aiding the economic growth, youth employability, visibility and prosperity of Albania. Oficina aims to advance innovation and entrepreneurship to new levels, in which the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation are reflected amongst individuals, companies and government, though creating a functional ecosystem in which ventures are supported to growth and sustainability. Oficina supports the aspirations of individuals, private institutions, governments and foreign investors to achieve development by generating innovative ideas and introducing new products, services and operations that improve the overall life quality of Albania’s citizens and increase the competitiveness of the local economy through supporting 21st century education curricula.
Who are we? Innovation NEST is the first Balkan Business Angel Network representative, to support to invest, to incubate, and help develop a new-technology on WB6 industries and enterprises in being innovative and competitive towards the internalization of their presence. Innovation NEST will ensure the challenge of digital transformation of the SME’s network through transparency, promoting innovation, productivity and competitiveness; opening up new markets and generating further employment opportunities; strengthening of vocational education and training; promoting social inclusion and increasing the level of well-being of citizens are considered as the main advantages of digitalization.

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