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  • andi

    I am constantly impressed by the aspiring and experienced inventors and entrepreneurs and their commitment to tackle some of the most outstanding challenges that our society faces. Innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit is out there, all we have to do is to build a place [“Oficina” ] to bring them together, to try them and see if they are worth putting to use. The ‘Oficina’ entrepreneurship and innovation lab comes at the right moment, to “accelerate” innovative and entrepreneurial ideas by offering co-working space, coaching and mentoring; by providing accounting, marketing and other facilitation services; by organizing a number of events and programs to promote entrepreneurship culture and networking.

    Andi Gjokutaj | Manager Programmes & Operations

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  • erkensi

    Entrepreneurship is in essence about thinking and doing something that we have not done before, in order to achieve a desirable goal or outcome. It is about evaluating a situation, crafting alternatives, and choosing a new way or a combination of ways that we hope will lead us to something better. “OFICINA” comes at the right time to support strong-minded entrepreneurs like you to step out of the comfort zone and succeed in your mission.

    Erkens Gjini | Business Development Manager


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